Conceived by Leopold Ndayisaba, before as Informatics Laboratory of Answers to your Questions, ILAQ in brief.Officially proposed after as Leopold Information Centre, LIC in brief.Founded the first time as Ndayisaba Information Centre, E-NICE on 18 November 2015.Changed on 19 January 2016 as E-NICE INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION CENTRE, E-NICE CENTRE in brief.Took finally E-NICE CENTER name only officially on 02 March 2018.

E-NICE CENTER is based on fundamental principles of social justice, social equity and the query of happiness for human being. The consequences is that everybody is valued following his own efforts without any negative kind of criteria;

These principles will be concretized by the dynamism of everybody, the perseverance, the group cohesion and a constant query of perfectibility in all the kinds of values;

The general aim of E-NICE CENTER is the happiness of everyone depending from the gifts he or she has naturally or socially had completed by his or her efforts;

The economic philosophy of E-NICE CENTER is based on a critical look on the capitalism values and the practical individualism as a life model. E-NICE CENTER praises the social and human economy based on solidarity, unity and mutual comprehension, what is called commonly as the Third Way;

E-NICE CENTER will value a high consideration of the customer as the main pillar of the business and the acknowledge of the employees merits as the vehicles of enterprise development;


The global worry of E-NICE CENTER is the public and transnational problem of Climate Challenge and its negative consequences on life and human happiness. Actions to fight against it will be undertaken through E-NICE CENTER Projects;

Aim of E-NICE CENTER is to select, little by little, the main interests centres which may contribute to enhance the human happiness;

It will begin on the social wellbeing, the nutritional wellbeing and the developmental wellbeing. Three services will be delivered: in the first phase, answers and orientations will be given to short questions ( 5-10 words ) asked by customers on the three kinds of wellbeing; in the second phase, publicity will be made for customers in the web pages of E-NICE CENTER on the three well beings. In the third phase, some ten projects will be created to improve the objectives and the Business objectives.


We are here to help you. We are an Online Information Consultant. We are E-NICE CENTER, E-mail address: e-nicecenter@e-nicecenter.be 

1.We are worried by the fact internet is not correctly and fully capitalized;

2. We are convinced that lot of persons have enough talents to develop themselves because of internet;

3. We notice they lack only a spark of light to illuminate them one day and deliver them and E-NICE CENTER would want to be such spark for them;

4. We regret that the immensity of information available now at web system does not necessary allow persons to be well informed, because it often confuses them;

5. We are persuaded the best equilibrium of human community has to begin from the middle classes;

6. We are convinced that the great majority of surfers don’t know how to surf on internet;

7. Those who know to do it don’t have enough time to do it while some others lack of ideas when being in front of laptop, desktop or mobile phone;

8.We have discovered social wellbeing, nutritional wellbeing and developmental wellbeing can help to achieve these different motivations for you:


E-NICE CENTER is based on fundamental principles of social justice, social equity and the query of happiness for human being. The consequences is that everybody is valued following his own efforts without any negative kind of criteria;

1. Relations between E-Nice Center, its Partners and its Customers will be characterised by strict confidentiality on the precis -e subject of their entertainment, unless confidentiality is unveiled by the customer or by the E-Nice Center Partner.

2. The electronic registration will be only relative to general information on the customer’s identity to interact successfully with him or her.

3. The Business E-Nice Centre may unveil the identity of his client in the two following circumstances: 
a) For professional reasons;

b) For legal reason.

c) Even in the two reasons, the customer will be contacted, at least informed before

4. The trade between E-Nice Center and its clients will be exclusively on topics that, in one way or another, are within the frameworks of peace and development.

5. E- Nice Center shall not be liable for any subject which, having been treated in this specific context, be directed or will reveal, for after be oriented for other purposes, such as, bellicose, malicious or violation of decency.

6. Any Customer will be free to express a brief comment (Maximum of ten (10) words), to advise, correct or inform E-Nice center if neccessary
.-This comment will free of charge
-E-Nice Center will thank the comment depending of its appreciation.

7 .Any Customer will be free to unsubscribe his or her registration at anytime. Since this time, he /she will be sure that all the elements relative to him or her are deleted in the database of the comment.


Mr.Leopold Ndayisaba

Mr.Leopold Ndayisaba

Chairman,General manager


Founder, Chairman and General Manager.
He is a visionary who seeks to create a more social and loving world to ensure the development of the human being through social, developmental and Nutritional Wellbeing.
He envisions a world where peace prevails and human being continously mature into better living with each other.

Mrs.Fidelite Niyonzima

Mrs.Fidelite Niyonzima

Human Resource Manager


Human Resource Manager
Our Human Resource Manager, Mrs Fidelite is an enterprising lady who has had experience in the Human Resource Departments of different organizations for over 10 years. She ensures that all team members are in great condition and advises top management on how to strategically ensure that the Company benefits from all our resources.

Mrs.Claude Nininahazwe

Mrs.Claude Nininahazwe

Public relations & H.R manager


Public Relations and Marketing Manager
An enterprising and informed manager, Mrs Claudine NININAHAZWE is sharp and very dynamic to make all the necessary to make E-Nice Center be known where it is possible. She manages how messages come elsewhere and makes it possible for every visitor to receive a unified and rich message from E-Nice Center.
With her extended experience in Di…

Jean Claude Tuyisime

Jean Claude Tuyisime

Deputy Internet Solutions Manager


Deputy Internet Solutions Manager
Meet Jean Claude, our young explorative Internet Solutions Manager. He is one of the people who manages the E-Nice Center Website and all that is attached to it.

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