Digital Well-being


It is known that Digital Well-Being is a strategy which help to control the duration spent in front of a mobile device. This is to recognize that taking a habit to be every time in front of the screen can generate some danger for our life. It is also important to stress on the danger of online varied threats which inflict lot of difficulties to a big number of online users.

E-NICE CENTER does not want to keep only this negative conception. In our business project, we use Digital Well-Being only because the word “ Digital ” seems to be more popular than “ Apps ”. But we want to underline that there are several positive advantages of digital technology, web and internet.

First of all, socially. Nowadays, because of digital technology, internet and web, it is easy to be connected in real time with our family members, our relatives, our friends and our business partners no matter where they are. Thus, they help people to create, maintain and develop all kind of good relationships they desire.

Third, they contribute to increase richness in the world for focused persons. According to Digital Technology Report 2019 0f UNCTAD, digital economy has contributed to increase richness in the world, especially in USA and China, mainly from the following core sectors: 75% in bloc chain technology, 50% in Internet of Things (IOT), 75% in Cloud Computing Market and 90% in the Market Capitalization value of the world’s 70 largest digital platform companies.

In addition of a joint report of Accenture and the World Economic Forum of 2015 which noticed a securing of 100 $ trillion of Society and Industries by 2025 in countries like Denmark, India and South Africa, the same analysis suggests “ suggests that digital transformation has a potential to make a positive contribution “ in some sectors. The projections are of 6 millions of jobs creation worldwide between 2016 and 2015 in logistics, telecommunication, electric industry, 26 billions tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions in the same period and 10% reduction of annual deaths toll from road accidents.

But the report raised concerns about data privacy, security and the ethical uses of data. While promoting these positive changes, E-NICE CENTER will contribute to mitigate these concerns through this Digital Well-Being.


1. Who does provide best well-being apps among famous technologists ?
2. Who do need mostly the digital citizen well-baing ?
3. Who are best indicated to train apps well-being to young generation ?

4. Are middle classes more concerned than other social categories by digital well-
being question ?

5. Are students most concerned in society to be interested by digital well-being ?
6. Who are the great promoters of digital citizen in the world ?
7. Who do deliver best experience of digital well-being among the Big Five ?
8. Who does create best technologies compatible with human life ?
9. Who is well indicated to provide accurate advises in digital well-being matter ?
10. Who are the big opponents against the theory of digital well-being ?


1. Why digital practice can be among happiness factors in certain conditions ?
2. Why digital citizen practice has increased the number of rich in the world ?
3. Why is it forbidden to switch off all the devices when there is a storm ?
4. Why it is not recommendable to habituate children with social media ?
5. Why internet and web have become among main factors of modern life ?
6. Why internet and web are classified in green energy ?
7. Why Android’s Digital Well-being can be among the most revolutionary in this
sector of Digital Well-being ?
8. Why it is not good for young children to use apps tools for wellbeing ?
9. Why to be cautious in using apps well-being even if it improves happiness ?
10. Why morning time is the best time of online browsing and creativity ?

  • When can confirm that we have to enjoy from our Digital Well-Being Tools?
  • When Digital Well-Being is it most necessary during our life ?
  • When can we begin telling our children the goodness of Digital Well-Being ?
  • When is it necessary to stress on importance of Digital Well-Being ?
  • When one has to maximize his (or her) Digital Well-Being competencies ?
  • When can one claim he (or she) has enough competencies for being SEO ?
  • When is it necessary for children not to use very much internet and web ?
  • When can a Government esteem its people is in Digital Well-being Era ?
  • When can we doubt seriously about our Digital Skills in our daily life ?
  • When is it accurate to strengthen our Digital Skills to earn our life ?

1. What is the differences between digital well-being and apps well-being ?
2. What are the big dangers of digital and apps addiction ?
3. What are the main characteristics of digital and apps technologies ?
4. What are the fundamental principles and tools of cybersecurity ?
5. What are the main classic and modern cyber threats ?
6. What are the classic and modern technologies qualified as good for human ?
7. What are technological tools which are able to increase human happiness ?
8. What are technological tools able to generate safe and resting sleep ?
9. What can be human attitude to most benefit from the internet and web ?
10. What are the top 10 apps well-being which will be most useful in near future ?


1. Where can I find the best providers of Digital Well-Being Tools ?
2. Where to find Digital Tools to help me succeed in Schools and University ?

3. Where can we find Digital Tools to help us win in our sports competitions ?
4. Where can I find a good book on Digital Well-Being in my country ?
5. Where are the best countries which promote the Digital Well-Being ?
6. Where can we have good coaches on Digital Well-Being ?
7. Where can I have accurate information about Digital Citizen Well-Being ?
8. Where are the best natural places to impact positively Digital Well-Being ?
9. Where are enough resources to fast fund Digital Well-Being Startups ?
10. Where are the top ten first Digital Well-Being Industries in the world ?

  • How can I master the management of the best cyber-security tools ?
  • How do simple basic cybersecurity tools protect us against many threats ?
  • How do regular updating of our devices protect us against varied threats?
  • How do lot of diverse online threats attack our devices ?
  • How to find the best online technologies to fight against online hackers ?
  • How to analyze deeply all the sources of online good channels for threats ?
  • How to fight against threats of mobile devices ?
  • How to fight online threats against labtops, desktops and tablets ?
  • How to find your stolen device or tele-unabling it to be used against you ?
  • How to use high technological tools in financial and numerical economy ?
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