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What is this website about?

E-NICE CENTER is based on fundamental principles of social justice, social equity and the query of happiness for human being. The consequences is that everybody is valued following his own efforts without any negative kind of criteria;These principles will be concreted by the dynamism of everybody, the perseverance, the group cohesion and a constant query of perfectibility in all the kinds of values;The general aim of E-NICE CENTER is the happiness of everyone.
You can know more about E-Nice Center in our About Us Page.


How to interact with E-NICE CENTER system


1) Each good visitor who desires to be a customer of E-NICE CENTER has first to create a PayPal Account from his Gmail Account. This will help him (or her) to pay E-NICE CENTER and can help the user in other opportunities he (or she) did not know before. He (or she) has also to know that the official and professional E-NICE CENTER e-mail is and E-NICE CENTER website is In the first time, it should be better each customer has a credit card or debit card.
2) When you access E-NICE CENTER Platform for the first time by its website above, you have to select the best language you prefer among 104 offered by Google Translate and you click on. Immediately, almost all the E-NICE CENTER content is translated in your language. We apologize for some mistakes, because Google Translate is not yet perfect. But E-NICE CENTER Team is elaborating the strategy to correct this handicap. All his (or her) customers will be informed at time on this good news.
3) Please, read quickly what E-NICE CENTER does in Social Wellbeing, Nutritional Wellbeing and Developmental Wellbeing, by clicking on the title you prefer among the three offered in front of you. These are the three goals identified by E-NICE CENTER which may conduct men and women elsewhere in the world to be happier.
4) If you want ( but it is not very necessary ), you read what is in Welcome and About E-NICE CENTER to complete what you learned in 3). If you click on Ask a Question, you will be redirected to Sign In.  
5) if you are attracted by this content and if it is the first time you visit us, Sign Up and login: it means you register to create an Account in the E-NICE CENTER system. We will use your personal data only to answer to your question, little by little, to contribute to your better life and to evaluate your improvement and your betterment. Now, our system is very secure. We will continue to strengthen it for the security and protection of our visitors, clients, customers, partners, team members and all the users of our information system.
6) Immediately, another time, anywhere and anytime you are connected, you can Sign Up and login : it means you open a session with E-NICE CENTER through the account you created when signing up. thereafter, you will follow only the indications given to you, respectively.
Welcome in the E-NICE CENTER information and communication system.

How do you submit a request ?


Since 04/08/2018, asking question and receiving answer are free and automatic. It means that in normal conditions, if you are in the category of well-skilled visitors, the answer to your request will appear automatically after clicking on the button. 

If you classify in the not well-skilled users in asking question, you will write in the right side of the case and submit the request to the administrator. The request will need a little correction from him or her to send you again the text corrected in order to allow you to see correction made. You will press on the button for receiving the automatic answer as the well-skilled user.  

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