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Terms Of Use

- 1. Relations between E-Nice Center, its Partners and its Customers will be characterised by strict confidentiality on the precis -e subject of their entertainment, unless confidentiality is unveiled by the customer or by the E-Nice Center Partner.

- 2. The electronic registration will be only relative to general information on the customer's identity to interact successfully with him or her.

- 3. The Business E-Nice Centre may unveil the identity of his client in the two following circumstances: 
a) For professional reasons;

b) For legal reason.

c) Even in the two reasons, the customer will be contacted, at least informed before

- 4. The trade between E-Nice Center and its clients will be exclusively on topics that, in one way or another, are within the frameworks of peace and development.

- 5. E- Nice Center shall not be liable for any subject which, having been treated in this specific context, be directed or will reveal, for after be oriented for other purposes, such as, bellicose, malicious or violation of decency.

6- Any Customer will be free to express a brief comment (Maximum of ten (10) words), to advise, correct or inform E-Nice center if neccessary
.-This comment will free of charge
-E-Nice Center will thank the comment depending of its appreciation.

7-Any Customer will be free to unsubscribe his or her registration at anytime. Since this time, he /she will be sure that all the elements relative to him or her are deleted in the database of the comment.

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