Good nutrition is among the main factors of physical, psychological, socio-econmical, intellectual and spiritual human development. It is the basis of all the other kinds of well-being and good health, as it is estimated that more than 90% of human diseases are the consequences of malnutrition or under-nutrition.


The conclusion of the longest and longitudinal study on adults life and happiness which began in 1938 and finished recently in 2018 by the American Psychiatrist, Psychanalist, Zen Priest and Professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr Robert J. Waldinger is unequivocal


It is known that Digital Well-Being is a strategy which help to control the duration spent in front of a mobile device. This is to recognize that taking a habit to be every time in front of the screen can generate some danger for our life. It is also important to stress on the danger of online varied threats which inflict lot of difficulties to a big number of online users.


Humanity is in an era in which developmentalist experts seem to agree that there has been a big mistake in the past on the development notion. Since the industrial revolution, the Man has blindly believed in an endless materialistic development. Frustrated by the Great Recession of 1929, desperate by the Two World Wars, he raged himself in a dazzling economic growth during which has been called the Thirty Glorious Years (1950-1980) and was waked up by the Earth Summit of Rio di Janeiro in 1992 to notice that he has operated a kind of Non-Development since the Industrial Era.

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