Development well-being


Humanity is in an era in which developmentalist experts seem to agree that there has been a big mistake in the past on the development notion. Since the industrial revolution, the Man has blindly believed in an endless materialistic development. Frustrated by the Great Recession of 1929, desperate by the Two World Wars, he raged himself in a dazzling economic growth during which has been called the Thirty Glorious Years (1950-1980) and was waked up by the Earth Summit of Rio di Janeiro in 1992 to notice that he has operated a kind of Non-Development since the Industrial Era.

That is why E-NICE CENTER is at the side of the singers of the progress new vision based on the notion of Human Integral Development. It integrate of the dimensions of human development, from the physical development to the universal development, passing by the personal, socio-economic and sustainable development.

As the best human development is rooted from the conception to the fundamental and sweet childhood limited at 10 years, in its spiritual nurture inspired by 5WsH knowledge model, E-NICE CENTER will focus on the factors and conditions which improve this delicate period of life. The objective is to fight in order all the children benefit of it.

After, it will be question to promote through our strategy how the practice of personal development is very important for personal flourishing, strongly influences familial and social relation and can guide to economic success and nations development.
Thus, every one would be able to incarnate in himself or herself the duty obligations and right pleasures.

Gradually, every one would be able to be happy and be motivated by all the questions surrounding the climatic change realities, be interested by the notion and practices of the social business, sustainable development principles, circular and proper economy, understand that the salvation of his or her parents, his or her children or relatives, all the persons he or she knows or does not know, in one word, all the humanity members depends on our behavior everywhere we are and at any time.

With the sudden Covid-19 tragedy, which has worsened the situation and deeply shaken almost all the foundations of the now yesterday past civilization, E-NICE CENTER will contribute to disillusion ourselves from our past errors in order to assist at the true event of the development of every body and the whole person, essentially the poor and the middle classes which are the solid foundations of the sustainable and human integral development.


1. Who is concerned by Nutritional Well-Being Practice ?
2. Are rich persons concerned by Nutritional Well-Being Question ?
3. Are poor persons concerned by Nutritional Well-Being Question ?
4. Are middle classes more concerned that the other social categories ?
5. Are students most concerned social category than others ?
6. Who created this theory of Nutritional Well-Being ?
7. Who has or have mostly developed it than other ?
8. Do children need mostly than other persons Nutritional Well-Being ?
9. Who is well indicated to provide accurate advise on Nutritional Well-Being ?
10. Who are the best Nutritherapists in my Country ? In Europe ? In America ?


1. Why Nutritional Well-Being is among the best well-being practices ?
2. Why fruits and vegetables are very important in Nutritional Well-Being ?
3. Why the breakfast is more important than other meals during the day ?
4. Why is it important to measure dietary intake ?
5. Why avocado is it considered among the best extraordinary fruit ?
6. Why green vegetables are among the most good nutrition element ?
7. Why water is it considered as the first Well-Being Nutritional element ?
8. Why to be very cautious for children nutrition in the five first years of a kid ?
9. Why white sugar is it very dangerous for adults and old persons ?
10. Why is it discouraged to eat much and fat food later during night ?

  • When one can confirm he (or she) has achieved his integral development ?
  • When to undertake teaching our children about personal development ?
  • When can we state that a country has achieved its development well-being ?
  • When is it time to upgrade from social to economic development ?
  • When can we advance from economic to well-being development ?
  • When can we conclude that we have realized our development well-being ?
  • When baby does it need special nutrients for its intelligence development ?
  • When can a Government esteem it has realized the sustainable development ?
  • When do we need to eat appropriate nutrients for our physical development ?
  • When is it necessary to moderate the materialistic development for people ?

1. What is the Nutritional Well-Being Concept ?
2. What is the benefit of Nutritional Well-Being for our health ?
3. What is the difference between Food and Nutrition ?
4. What are the main stages to conclude good nutrition has been achieved ?
5. What is the difference between a Nutritionist and a Dietitian ?
6. What is the importance of Well-Being Nutrition for the intelligence ?
7. What are good food and good nutrients for diabetics ?
8. What are good food and good nutrients for cancerous ?
9. What can we do to benefit in maximum from what we eat ?
10. What are the good nutrients recommended for each types of illness ?


1. Where to find efficient nutrients against heart disease ?
2. Where to find adequate natural nutrition to fight against cancer and diabetes ?

3. Where can we find efficient nutrients against inflammatory disease ?
4. Where are efficient natural food for eyes health in USA ?
5. Where are efficient natural nutrients to fight against stress ?
6. Where are efficient nutrients to improve and develop general intelligence ?
7. Where are recommended nutrients to acquire and maintain a normal weight ?
8. Where are the most needed natural nutritional elements in food ?
9. Where are natural nutritional elements to provide resting sleeping ?
10. Where are natural efficient nutrients to have and maintain a good mood ?

  • How does personal development impact all other types of development ?
  • How to establish good relationships between all types of development ?
  • How does process development operates in the deepness of each one ?
  • How to generate and increase the best factors of integral development ?
  • How to find the best causes and factors of a good personal development ?
  • How to fight early old age by simple accurate nutrition ?
  • How to fight strongly and efficiently against development constraints ?
  • How each one can he (or she) found the own way of the development ?
  • How to fight efficiently and regularly laziness which is the main cause of our personal and national under-development ?
  • How to conduct persons to discover their own development well-being ?
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