Relational well-being



The conclusion of the longest and longitudinal study on adults life and happiness which began in 1938 and finished recently in 2018 by the American Psychiatrist, Psychanalist, Zen Priest and Professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr Robert J. Waldinger is unequivocal:

“ Simply put, states Dr Waldinger, good relationships keeps us happy and healthy”.

In the same report, it is has been precised that neither richness, nor celebrity are not the main basis of the happiness, but only the good relationships between family’s members, society’s members, school maters and professional team members. Money, personal reputation and other factors of success comes only to contribute to good relationships which can culminate in friendships.

It has been also the conclusion of Dr Daniel Gilbert, the Harvard happiness expert in his report entitled: “ Relational Happiness: through recognition and redistribution: emotion and inequality”.

It is not necessary to stress on the friendship relations. This realization of mutual connection is the highest degree of good relationships, but this degree is very rare. E-NICE CENTER does not pretend to guide you towards holiness or heroism. It is already very difficult to realize simple everyday humanity; how should we ask to be a superman ? However, creating, keeping and developing good relationships always and elsewhere we are opens possibilities to know each others and to appreciate mutually.

This echoes also with the observations of Dr Henry Cloud in his famous book entitled:” The Laws of Happiness” when he notices that “ Happy people connect, …Happy people don’t compare themselves, …Happy people forgive”. It is also the ultimate conclusion of Rhonda BYRNE in its very tasteful moral formula which values many books when he claims, like a superman that:” the real secret to life and happiness lies in the force called the Law of Attraction”.

E-NICE CENTER would be happy if, through the following auto-suggestion exercise generated or to be generated by the 5Ws+H knowledge method, his and her online visitors reach one day to connect with their closest people they meet. It is the certain way to the sublimate relationships, the probable wake towards our dream of the lost universal brotherhood.


1. Who is concerned by Relational Well-Being daily practice ?
2. Are rich persons concerned by Relational Well-Being Question ?
3. Are poor persons concerned by Relational Well-Being Question ?

4. Are middle classes more concerned than other social categories by Relational Well-
Being question ?

5. Are students most concerned social category than others by friendships ?
6. Who created or developed the Relational Well-Being Theory ?
7. Who has or have mostly developed Relational Well-Being Theory than other ?
8. Do children need than other persons to experience Relational Well-Being ?
9. Who is well indicated to provide accurate advise on Relational Well-Being ?
10. Who are the best Relational Well-being theoreticians in USA and in Europe ?


1. Why Relational Well-Being is among the best well-being practices in life ?
2. Why fruits and vegetables can increase Relational Well-Being feeling ?
3. Why breakfast is very important to have good mood during the day ?
4. Why is it important to regularly evaluate our relationships level in society ?
5. Why avocado can impact our acquisition of social feelings ?
6. Why green vegetables are very good food to influence our social attitude ?
7. Why water may influence the Relational Well-being feeling ?
8. Why to be very cautious for children relation in their five first years ?
9. Why bad food may have bad consequences for our daily relationships ?
10. Why mornings are the best time to express Relational Well-Being feelings ?

  • When one can confirm we have a enjoy Relational Well-Being ?
  • When Relational Well-Being is it most necessary during life ?
  • When can we begin to tell to children the goodness of Relational Well-Being ?
  • When is it necessary to stress on importance of Relational Well-Being ?
  • When one has to deploy his (or her) Relational Well-Being qualities ?
  • When can one claim he has lot of good friendships ?
  • When is it necessary in life to use one’s relational connections to succeed ?
  • When can a Government esteem its people live in Relational Well-being ?
    When can we doubt our relationships ?
  • When is it time to strengthen strong sens of relational feelings in the child ?

1. What is deeply the Relational Well-Being Concept and Practice ?
2. What is the benefit of Relational Well-Being for our health ?
3. What is the difference between Good Relationships and Good friendships ?
4. What are the main stages to conclude good relationships have been achieved ?
5. What is the difference between a Sociologist and a Philanthropist ?
6. What is the influence of Relational Well-Being on the intelligence ?
7. What are good food and good drinks to develop relationship feelings ?
8. What are good nutrients which can influence good relationships acquisition ?
9. What can we do to benefit in maximum from Relational Well-being ?
10. What are the best nutrients recommended for winning the best relationships ?


1. Where can we find the best people in terms Relational Well-Being ?
2. Where to find deep relationships able to influence cancers healing ?
3. Where can we find efficient relationships to win against ?

4. Where can one find good books on Relational Well-Being in USA ?
5. Where are the best countries to live in best Relational Well-Being ?
6. Where can we have good coaches on Relational Well-Being ?
7. Where can I have accurate information about Relational Well-Being ?
8. Where are the best places which can impact Relational Well-Being ?
9. Where are resources to increase in our body Relational Well-Being feelings ?
10. Where are the first steps to benefit mostly from Relational Well-Being ?

  • How nutrients pass through the intestinal wall to nourish accurate organs ?
  • How does carotene protect and heal eyes against lot of their diseases ?
  • How do cruciforms prevent the body against several cancers ?
  • How does curcumine of turmeric attacks cells that can develop cancer ?
  • How to find the best nutrition adapted to your organism ?
  • How to fight early old age by simple accurate nutrition ?
  • How to fight against stress by simple natural nutrition ?
  • How to cure obesity by simple natural nutrition ?
  • How to fight insomnia by natural nutrition ?
  • How to influence the development of a child by simple nutrition ?
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