About Us

Background & Founding

1. Conceived by Leopold Ndayisaba, before as Informatics Laboratory of Answers to your Questions, ILAQ in brief;
2. Officially proposed after as Leopold Information Centre, LIC in brief;
3. Founded the first time as Ndayisaba Information Centre, E-NICE on 18 November 2015;
5. Took finally E-NICE CENTER name only officially on 02 March 2018


        1. Todays, this 15 February 2020, E-NICE CENTER is pleased to announce its important updating.
 2. It is managed & Operated by Global Advisers & Consultants Corporation in India, publicly by Prof (Dr) Ratnesh DWIVEDI, an Interdisciplinary Scientist and internationally recognized Scholar as its Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) and Board of Directors on behalf the Founder and Chairman.
3. The address is E-NICE CENTER, Plot N0 7, Crossing Republic Road, Ghaziabad, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA 201 009. Phone: +91 783 494 6527
4. Other team members, namely different managers and other support employees, will be known in a near future. 
5. Products will be: Nutritional, Relational, Digital Citizen, Psychological Consulting, Environment and Climatic,Foreign Affairs and International Relations and Development Well-Being.
6. Date of other details and concrete beginning of working of real interacting with online visitors, customers and other partners will be published in due time.
7. E-NICE CENTER authorities and team request all online visitors, customers and different partners to trust in them for their aim: to contribute in improvement of human happiness through the promotion of some kinds of well-being.
8. Thank you very much for the patience you have kept during our silence.

Ambassador Leopold NDAYISABA
Founder, Owner and Chairman at E-NICE CENTER                       



In READ MORE Title, the third will be written like this:
E-NICE CENTER delivers 7 services:
- Nutritional Well-being;
- Relational Well-being;
- Digital Citizen Well Being ;
- Economy & Ecology Well Being;
- Foreign Affairs & International Relation Well being;
- Development Well-being.

    This e-Business has the ambition to be a nice center for you, your interest, to enhance your happiness according to the best you have in yourself through these six kinds of well-being identified.

     We are here for you; we are an informational socio-economic e-Business created for you. We are in the interest center of your best. Our e-mail address is: e-nicecenter@e-nicecenter.com.


                 a) E : When one consults several sources of research, it is noticeable that E refers to varied signification. We focus only to those which interest us. Our first interest refers to E as the basis of natural logarithm in mathematics. E-NICE CENTER cherishes information and knowledge acquired by natural ways or the technologies which trend to facilitate persons to return to their natural situation.
         The second sens refers to exponential increasing. We believe that persons who will follow our advice indicated in our business or indicated in other similar means will increase their knowledge, their personality, even their happiness.
          The third signification of E refers to East and makes us think on the sun rise. When the sun rises, it is very nice. Every body who contemplates this phenomenon seems to be happy as we will see it in the Wonderful Well-being.
          The fourth sens refers to the laughing. The happiness laughs or smiles. When we pronounce E, we seem to smile, at least to draw a smiling sign in our face. Our goal is to

contribute in the human happiness.
         The fifth, and most important is the one that links E with the symbol of Web, Internet. We find it in ebusiness, eCommerce, elearning, eshopping. Very often, it is linked with the word it determines; here in our project, there is a hyphen. The Web increases exponential possibilities for human self-realization. If it is used carefully, it can conduct to a kind of happiness. That is what we will experience in the Apps Well-being.
     b) - : The hyphen is a link sign. It establishes relationships between two or several realities, which were, some times, very different. The kinds of well-being dealt in E-NICE CENTER tries to link the human being with some elements of its environment to make him (or her) happier. In this sens, happiness is the synthetic solution of the human internal predisposition in contact of some particular environment elements. As we will understand it, this can be true for all the six form of well-being indicated here. The good of the human being is the result of the deepest bottom of its heart in contact with some natural or technological beauties. It is possible to be happy in solitude, because it may be an opportunity of meditation; but it is diffult to be happy in isolation, even if some persons are able to overcome all bad situations.

       c) NICE: In its first understanding, “ nice ” refers to some thing which is small and beautiful, which generates happiness, at least joy, good feeling and sensation. In the first time, E-NICE CENTER was called E-Necessary Information Centre, but the word has been judged heavy, long, materialistic and has been abandoned in favor of NICE. Here, it refers with some thing vital.

         d) CENTER: The symbol of the Center attracts a lot of spirits since very long time. It makes think a place which converges several similar or different realities. In this sens, it is something which can generate happiness for every body, without exception. The circle embraces all our differences; the center converges all our diversified desires. To anticipate, it is even visible in E-NICE CENTER Logo. A very good text, entitled “Center of the World” written by Thomas GALE in ENCYCLOPEDIA.Com in 2005 and updated at October 06 2019, benefiting of 3.037.808 views at this last date, illustrates mostly the ideal of E-NICE CENTER. As it is illustrated in its logo, this eBusiness wishes to show that the situation of an individual as member of community might reflect that of the human kind, because we share a unique destiny.

        The logo has imposed itself in the mind of E-NICE CENTER spirit. It is a mini-system, a microcosm in which four green circles which surround a yellow one, in pale blue color square, itself plunged and surrounding a white braked color, are tightly linked between themselves by a perpendicular lozenge and its read diagonals which intersect themselves in the center of the central circle to constitute four equilateral triangles.

        The imagination of the founder is multiple, as he wishes it to his visitors and customers. The central circle maybe Africa, the mother continent from which the others are generated. It may be also the yellow sun illuminating Africa, America, Asia and Europe, Oceania being united with others to protect it against several dangers which threaten it, mainly natural disasters.

        In the analysis of lot of specialists, the square symbolizes human construction, the notion of enterprise, the human network and the seriousness. It refers to structured and organized ideas and actions. Organized ideas strengthen us.

         The circle represents perfection, infinite, absolute, totality, wholeness and timelessness. In the Chinese yin yang conception, it symbolizes the defense against chaos and formlessness. In the disorder and much stresses which haunt the actual world, E-NICE CENTER should want to be at least a strong chain in the human network, an organized and just action, and, if possible, little by little, a solid human enterprise.

         According to many cultures, triangle, mainly the equilateral triangle, symbolizes creativity, harmony, ascension, harmony, illumination and integration. If the summit is up-oriented, it represents masculinity, power and virility. If it is down-oriented, it represents masculinity and fecundity. E-NICE CENTER hopes it will inspire creativity and fecundity, imagination and conception in men and women. That is why it will deal with multiple intelligence concept in the intellectual well-being.

         Horizontal lines represents quietness, serenity, stability; vertical lines represents strength, dignity, truth and righteousness. E-NICE CENTER would want its customers acquire all these qualities thanks to its six form of well-being.

          The yellow color mostly represents the sun, the light, the maturity, the warmness, clarity and optimism and quietness. We wish to people clarity in their ideas, quietness in their life.

          The green color symbolizes the freshness, the nature, the generosity and health. It is remembered here our e Business fights for life and for the climate change, against global warming. Without health, there is no well-being.

       The red color linking the five circles symbolize the difficult effort we have to deploy for being informed, to learn and to try in maintaining and strengthening good relations between us. The lesson is clear: nothing is acquired without suffering; happiness without effort is a lure, a utopia.

       That is why we have to run every day, to act, to think day and night, without no stop. The immobility is the death; it is important to be dynamic, each time and everywhere, now and forever.

        The notion of well-being is in the center of this project. It is to understand as a deep feeling of fulfillment resulting in accordance of material, physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs.

       The notion of welfare is to understand as a full sensation of socio-economic needs satisfaction while wellness refers to good feeling of physical needs satisfaction. In one word, the well-being fulfillment thrives both full sensation of socio-economic satisfaction and feeling of material and physical satisfaction.


What do I get

E-NICE CENTER is based on fundamental principles of social justice, social equity and the query of happiness for human being. The consequences is that everybody is valued following his own efforts without any negative kind of criteria;

Terms Of Use

- 1. Relations between E-Nice Center, its Partners and its Customers will be characterised by strict confidentiality on the precis -e subject of their entertainment, unless confidentiality is unveiled by the customer or by the E-Nice Center Partner.

- 2. The electronic registration will be only relative to general information on the customer's identity to interact successfully with him or her.

- 3. The Business E-Nice Centre may unveil the identity of his client in the two following circumstances: 
a) For professional reasons;

b) For legal reason.

c) Even in the two reasons, the customer will be contacted, at least informed before

- 4. The trade between E-Nice Center and its clients will be exclusively on topics that, in one way or another, are within the frameworks of peace and development.

- 5. E- Nice Center shall not be liable for any subject which, having been treated in this specific context, be directed or will reveal, for after be oriented for other purposes, such as, bellicose, malicious or violation of decency.

6- Any Customer will be free to express a brief comment (Maximum of ten (10) words), to advise, correct or inform E-Nice center if neccessary
.-This comment will free of charge
-E-Nice Center will thank the comment depending of its appreciation.

7-Any Customer will be free to unsubscribe his or her registration at anytime. Since this time, he /she will be sure that all the elements relative to him or her are deleted in the database of the comment.



Our Team Members

Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi

Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of E-Nice Center. He  a Seasoned and Award Winning Media...

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Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of E-Nice Center. He  a Seasoned and Award Winning Media Academician,Author,Journalist,NASA Certified Educator,Interdisciplinary Scientist,Award Winning Security,Intelligence and Defense Expert,Peace Prize Winner and Board Member with 20+ years in teaching and corporate and is best termed as Interdisciplinary Scientist.

Prof Dw...

Mr. Leopold Ndayisaba

Founder, Owner and Chairman.
He is a visionary who seeks to create a more social and loving world to ensure the devel...

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Founder, Owner and Chairman.
He is a visionary who seeks to create a more social and loving world to ensure the development of the human being through relational, developmental, nutritional, digital, psychological and environmental and climatic well-being.
He envisions a world where peace prevails and human being continuously mature into better living with each other.

Mrs Fidelite Niyonzima

Human Resource Manager
Our Human Resource Manager, Mrs Fidelite is an enterprising lady who has had experience...

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Human Resource Manager
Our Human Resource Manager, Mrs Fidelite is an enterprising lady who has had experience in the Human Resource Departments of different organizations for over 10 years. She ensures that all team members are in great condition and advises top management on how to strategically ensure that the Company benefits from all our resources.

Mrs Claudine Nininahazwe

Public Relations and Marketing Manager
An enterprising and informed manager, Mrs Claudine NININAHAZWE is sharp...

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Public Relations and Marketing Manager
An enterprising and informed manager, Mrs Claudine NININAHAZWE is sharp and very dynamic to make all the necessary to make E-Nice Center be known where it is possible. She manages how messages come elsewhere and makes it possible for every visitor to receive a unified and rich message from E-Nice Center.
With her extended experience in Di...

Jean Claude Tuyisime

Deputy Internet Solutions Manager
Meet Jean Claude, our young explorative Internet Solutions Manager. He is on...

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Deputy Internet Solutions Manager
Meet Jean Claude, our young explorative Internet Solutions Manager. He is one of the people who manages the E-Nice Center Website and all that is attached to it.

"Lets Interact about Wellbeing"